Exploring Sils-Maria in Switzerland

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Lovely place

Sils-Maria was beloved by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who called it the loveliest corner on Earth. I prefer to remain open and think there are other nice places. Sils-Maria is pretty and peaceful. I must agree with Nietzsche for now. The clear blue waters and majestic mountains are fantastically pretty.

A person standing on a rock looking at a lake from a mountain in Sils-Maria.

Switzerland's accessibility

Drinking fountains

Switzerland has many drinking fountains. Despite being known for being an expensive place, the incredible views make it worthwhile.

Bus and train travel

Traveling by train or bus is an incredible experience. The trains are well maintained and clean. Buses offer USB charging and the trains allow passengers to travel with dogs or bicycles. Certain railways hold world records. Switzerland holds more world records which are worth exploring. Some hotels provide a bus and train card, which is convenient if you need a day of relaxing after a day of walking. Fortunably, our hotel had such cards.

Red Swiss train against a majestic mountain backdrop.


Sils-Maria is close to Italy and offers access to Italian cuisine. While I did not mind some Swiss dishes, Italian cooking is well-loved. Swiss cuisine often involves much cheese, and requires an acquired taste. The Swiss nut pies, a local specialty, are great and worth trying.


During my trip, I noticed children out late, which is unusual to me. It shows Switzerland's reputation as one of the safest countries in the world. I appreciated the behavior of the locals, which makes me consider learning German, a language common alongside Italian. Fortunately, English was also widely understood, easing communication.

Local hours

People in Sils-Maria tend to return home early and begin their day at dawn, likely influenced by the sunlight. I can be dangerous to be on mountains when the darkness falls. Most eateries close early, but a few exceptions which are open longer seem to attract people.


Corvatsch mountain

On our first day, we went trekking as far as the middle cable car station of the Corvatsch mountain. It was only later that we discovered this mountain's reputation as one of the more challenging. We discovered this since we met an organized travel guide which spoke our native tongue, Dutch.


Our access to the Swiss train system allowed us to witness a glacier and the mouths of another glacier. Switzerland's information centers provide free maps that are incredibly helpful and well-designed. The Little Matterhorn and Trümmelbach Falls were beyond our reach. They remain popular among tourists for good reason. But Sils-Maria has tons of activities too.


For readers of Nietzsche, the Nietzsche Haus, Stein, and Memorial Stein are intriguing sites to visit. The views from those rocks is great. Although those unfamiliar with Nietzsche's work may find the Nietzsche Haus less captivating.

Robin Wils standing in front of the Nietzsche Stein. Blue water is behind the stone with two separate mountains.


This journey was nothing short of extraordinary, and I would love to go again. There are more places I wish to explore, but Sils-Maria made a strong impression. Perhaps, I'll set my sights on the area around the Little Matterhorn. Regardless, I wouldn't be surprised if I return to Sils-Maria someday, due to how beautiful it is.


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