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Time alone

While you do not have to walk alone. I believe that better ideas come up when you walk alone. Many intellectuals and great minds spent much time alone. People may call them schizoids. Experts in personality disorders argue that they are rare personalities rather than disorders. These can change in the course of your life. Spending time alone does not have to make you schizoid. Many successful people did just that. Einstein, Jung, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, etc. It is not like they never saw people, but much of their time was spent alone. It can be one of the steps towards success.

Walking is relaxing, simple and a great activity. But I wouldn't recommend rushing it, or going for big distances.

Death march in barefoot shoes

I am training to participate in a death march, which essentially means walking a hundred kilometers in one day. I have experienced muscle pains, but I am not sure if it was due to walking far in barefoot shoes. Nevertheless, I am still very pleased with the shoes. Updates on this will follow. Doing hundred kilometers is likely not healthy, so I wouldn't really recommend it, and will likely only do it once.

Most of these updates will likely be added to my barefoot shoes page.


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