A new year

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A new year

It has been 2024 for a few days now. In terms of physical activities, I feel pleased. Currently, I participate in boxing and walking. My schedule is quiet busy, and I haven't been able to free up time for animation yet.

Boxing doesn't immediately click, but I need to give it time. More time is needed to know what it is. A few lessons won't be enough. It does seem intense, which is okay. I may do it twice a week, but I already skipped a day due to muscle pains. Regarding 3D modeling, I am satisfied with the progress I've made, and I will be discontinuing those courses. I want to limit computer time or replace it with animation.

For animation, I do plan to use the computer but offline. When I find time for it, I will attempt to do more and think less, be more offline, and focus on improving skills. Being offline feels nice; boredom is a part of it. I am quiet happy with the drawing course I am following, and will continue with it.

Death march

I plan to participate in a death march, which essentially means walking a hundred kilometers in one day. This week I experienced muscle pains, but I am not sure if it was due to boxing or walking far in barefoot shoes. Nevertheless, I am still very pleased with the shoes. I will likely take a notebook with me during the death march.


Last time, I planned to read less. Although, I have already started reading "The Will to Power". It just felt like the right time to do so. I won't hurry with it. Once I begin delving deeper into animation, I will let my books sit for a while, including the book I am reading.

Free software

This year, I will attend FOSDEM, mostly to join seminars on functional programming or devrooms. I run Arch on my main machine, by the way, but I don't care about what you run. The computer often promotes escapism, so I appreciate it more when you can have time without the computer. My computer nerd phase is mostly over, but the knowledge remains. In terms of work, there are certainly things I am willing to learn, but if I can grow into something more creative, I won't hesitate. I won't prioritize my time on learning more programming stuff.


I do not prioritize this site. But every now and then, I may post something. Today, I posted my thoughts on teaching. Maintaining this site is something I do to further develop my thoughts. The majority does not like to read, but here and there, someone might stumble upon this website and perhaps gain something from it.


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