A stressful journey

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I haven't been doing that much digital drawing lately. I did the perspective street, and drew Wrekonize from Strange Music, but the files were corrupt in my backup. Maybe I can recover it from another backup later. A combination of factors has been stressing me out. A bad phone delivery experience, work was quiet busy, and my packed schedule.

Do not give up when life throws some punches. It can often be a turning point. To be honest the mood wasn't as bad as this article may make it seem. Just a minor struggle.

More about the bad delivery experience can be found here:


Barefoot shoes

On another note, my barefoot shoes finally encountered their first problem. One of the laces broke. These shoes have been incredibly durable, considering how much I have trained for the death march. I repaired it, but the replacement laces I used don't match the quality of the original laces. Nevertheless, the shoes are holding up well despite some wear and tear, like the logo inside wearing off.

Drawing tablet

I discovered that I can use my drawing tablet with modified pressure sensitivity and shortcuts on Linux using X11 instead of Wayland. Unfortunately, Krita doesn't yet support Wayland. Overall, Wayland works fine for most tasks. I removed my Windows partition, since my drawing tablet was mostly the reason I used that partition.

Migrating to NixOS

I attempted to switch my SSD filesystem to F2FS, but that didn't go as planned. I had a backup of my home folder, but after that failure I decided to move to NixOS. I am not planning to invest time to learn about flakes yet. Using NixOS without flakes suits my needs well. It provides rollback options without the complexities of flakes.

I will try to enable my "no internet during weekdays" script on NixOS soon. You can expect to see a dedicated NixOS section on my website later.

Social media

As someone who does not like social media, I made an odd decision during a bad mood. My account on the Fediverse is re-enabled. It's been nice to reconnect with old internet friends. I don't plan to be too active, and may remove the account again later.

Social media isn't all that social, and can consume much time. Although it can be good for marketing. Ultimately, I see no compelling reason for me to be on social media. As marketing is not as valuable as improving my skills. Maybe I will get some feedback. It does not have to be all bad. Perhaps people will inspire me or something.

I made an archive section to show my opinion on the Fediverse. Although I didn't have time to read through it. There are more articles I may repost in archive. There are parts of blog entries on this website which I probably should move to other sections.

Why the Fediverse sucks


I want to end on a positive note. Boxing and training for the death march are going well. I have never mentioned why boxing attracted me. I never really saw myself as an aggressive person, and I am not really into punching people.

It was a combination of factors. Nietzsche's ideas on why the body is so important and an inspiring video of Michelle Khare, which showed that boxers have a lot of discipline. It is also a bonus that the club I train at isn't far from home.

It is perhaps one of the best things I have ever considered. Boxing is intense, but I like the hard work, and some mild suffering. At the club where I train, there is not much room for chatter or distractions during the sessions. Step by step. Boxing is not as dangerous as it may seem when you are in the right club. It is worth a try.

Boxing - Michelle Khare


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