Death March and drawing training

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Death March

I have been preparing for the Death March. My barefoot shoes are doing great. I did forty-two kilometers previously. Despite feeling the strain on my muscles more with these shoes, I never seem to get blisters. Not even once. The plan was to do only thirty kilometers, but I ended up doing more. The muscle strain is normal as the muscles are getting trained. It is unlikely that I will ever go back to "regular" shoes. Although I am not sure of I could use them for running.


I have mentioned that I want to learn animation quiet often. But I need to set stricter goals due to my demanding schedule. My new drawing tablet, a Wacom, has arrived. The software and hardware far exceeds other tablets I have used. Although, I am a beginner and paper is still more comfortable. It is a tablet without a display, as those seem to be better ergonomically.

I am grateful for my I am dual-boot setup. The Wacom tools on Windows are amazing. For Linux Wacom is also recommended, but configuring certain functions may be more difficult. It tends to be the most recommend brand, and rightfully so. For drawing I currently prefer Windows.


I found a YouTube video with a schedule for beginners. I will do my best to force drawing digitally in my schedule, but won't follow the schedule strictly due to other activities. Drawing digitally is the first step before I do animation. While I have played with OpenToonz, I should start with the basics. I will likely use Krita.

Gesture drawing is a common recommendation. Anatomy and other fundamentals within that training too, so it should be a good starting point. I didn't do a deep search for the best learning material, but this will do for now. The most important thing is draw often. It will take years to become decent.

One year drawing schedule - Marc Brunet
Completing Marc's schedule - Cutterfly

My schedule

My week is usually packed.

  • Boxing at least one day
  • Drawing (not digitally) at least one day
  • Training for Death March at least one day

The remaining time is often filled up quickly. I work a 9-to-5 job. I did cut out certain activities earlier like reading, and updating this website often. The website will get updates, but I just do it less as before. I only read an animation book currently, which is mostly looking at tips rather than "deep" reading. For boxing I do a few activities at home too, like rope jumping.

Walking alone is still undeniably valuable to me, but that too has been minimized. After Death March it will likely comeback. It has too many benefits to not do. I hope to push myself further to be busy. Often I overbook myself, which is only natural as I prefer to be busy.


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