Do more, think less

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Lately, I have been thinking. I am limiting my internet use, but I seem to dislike technology in general. It takes the effort of tasks away.

This is my brain playing tricks on me. We make purpose ourselves. It was tricking me into nihilism. In specific fields like animation, technology is a blessing. However, we can use technology for the wrong ends. I still want to reduce the use of it by a lot.

Do more, think less

I need to do more, and think less. Movies and games may be escapism, but we can make them to get people to look at other things. Such experiences can have value. I might start posting less often. So far the no-internet idea is good, but I am questioning more things.

Reading feels like a waste of time sometimes. I have what I need to know out of the Nietzsche books. The Nietzsche Podcast is so much easier to consume. Reading is good to seek new ideas. I will likely keep doing it, but less actively.

Getting through "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" is taking longer than expected. Once I finish it, I plan to take a break from Nietzsche-related books for a while.

New format

I think the new story format was a mistake. Stories are great, but I shouldn't push it that hard. The concept is nice, but I am not ready for it yet.


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