Ergonomics & living offline on Windows

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I looked back into ergonomics due to moving back to Windows 11 from Arch Linux for drawing tablet purposes. But after doing so, I realized that I probably shouldn't invest much time into ergonomics. Aside from using JumpApp with Kanata and using Emacs as a file manager. Additionally, writing website posts in org-mode sounds interesting to me too. Certain ergonomic modifications are only active on my work laptop.

I made a block internet script for Windows. You can find it here for the people who may be interested in using something similar.

# Network-Blocker.ps1
# Friday is drawing class, so not much time for internet anyways
$DaysToBlock = @("Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday")

If ((Get-Date | Select DayOfWeek).DayOfWeek -in $DaysToBlock) {
   Disable-NetAdapter -Name "*" -Confirm:$False
} Else {
   Enable-NetAdapter -Name "*" -Confirm:$False

It is possible to execute it on startup by running the following PowerShell code:

# $env:Temp gave me a shortened incorrect path, so I use the dotnet variant
$NetworkBlockerPath = "$env:UserProfile\Documents\PowerShell\Functions\Network-Blocker.ps1"
New-ItemProperty -Path "HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" -Name "Network-Blocker" -Value "$NetworkBlockerPath" -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -WindowStyle Hidden >> `"$([System.IO.Path]::GetTempPath())StartupLog.txt`""


My fans do blow harder on Windows, which is somewhat annoying to me. But I can live with it. Upgrading the computer hardware may be a solution.

Every operating system is a tool, and Windows isn't too bad at this job. The initial setup can be a bit annoying, but after that, I feel more productive. Unlike Linux, AutoHotKey is available, attaching external devices just works, and screen colors are well-supported. For rendering in blender I prefer Linux.

Currently I am on a dual-boot system. Although I plan to switch to Windows only. I leave User Account Control on the maximum setting. It is a great security feature. Perhaps I will add an article about why you should probably leave it on.

Be cautious with Windows debloat scripts. They often disable things like SysMain. Third-party cleanup tools and virus scanners are often dangerous, but not always. I recommend to not use them. Tweaking windows can do harm. Linux usually doesn't encounter such issues, as it's designed for customization and tweaking.

Life update

I am pushing myself to learn OpenToonz for 2D animation in my free time. Learning to draw on the computer takes time, and I still feel uncomfortable with it.

This website has received a few new posts. Although it does consume time, and I prefer animating instead. Nonetheless, I will post updates now and then.


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