What would you do if I disappeared?

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What would you do if I disappeared?

Sometimes, when one person takes actions that another doesn't appreciate. They may say "What would you do if I disappeared?".

I believe this is a rather ineffective way to handle such situations. Not much would likely change if the person would disappear. Life goes on, and this question can come across as selfish. People have their own lives to manage, and not everything revolves around you.

Selfishness is useful, but you can not control other people. Everyone is selfish, but most people understand that others have to live their own life too.

Personal time

In my experience, it is often someone who does not get that people need time for themselves who would use such a phrase. They quickly think that something is wrong, and want you to open up. Even though nothing is wrong. Spending time on your own is important, but not everyone understands this.

Many people don't understand why people isolate themselves. Most often those people try to achieve something or are busy. They do not require your nonsense. Although opposing views help. They lose their power if the person is already aware of them, and how to deal with it.


Many intellectuals and great minds spent much time alone. People may call them schizoids. Many experts in personality disorders argue that they are rare personalities rather than disorders. These can change in the course of your life.

Autism and disorders are spectrums. It is relative, and can not always be an excuse to put all your blame on. Although it often seems to be encouraged to do just that. For personal development it is often good to blame yourself, but not without accepting that you can not change the past. You can self-improve, and leave the regret behind.

Spending time alone does not have to make you schizoid. Many successful people did just that. Einstein, Jung, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, etc. It is not like they never saw people, but much of their time was spent alone.


I do not know why I wrote this out. Not everything needs a purpose. We act like we act. Exceptional people are rare, and often have a hard time. Yet they may be able to find a way to affirm life. Nietzsche is a great example of that.

Sometimes it should be allowed for someone to isolate themselves. Although it can be difficult to find a way to do that. It is good to seek your own way like Nietzsche suggested. Do not believe everything written here.


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