Visual studio shortcuts

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Visual studio shortcuts

  • Tools => Options => Search keyboard or go to Environment => Keyboard

Assign extra shortcuts

  1. Search shortcut example "Edit.GoToAll"
  2. Select textbox "Press shortcut keys" & type key that will launch shortcutCommand (F1)
  3. Check the dropdown "shortcuts for selected command" & set "Use new shortcut in" dropdown to same value unless other behavior is needed
  4. Click "Assign" button
Edit.GoToAll -> F1 #(Type f+space before the name if you seek a file)
refactor.rename - Ctrl R ctrl R -> F2
Edit.Replace -> F3

Window.CloseDocumentWindow -> Ctrl-W
Window.NextTab -> Ctrl-tab
Window.PreviousTab -> Ctrl-shift-tab

# Codemaid extension (be careful when using this, we don't want to create many merge conflicts)
Ctl+m space = clean up file, do not sort alphabetically.
Ctrl+m z = clean up file + sort props and methods alphabetically. (put your element structure in regions first so that it does not mess things up)


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