Effective communication

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Effective communication

Using effective communication can make a huge difference. It helps to make thoughts clear and engages others. Having a network of people available to you is incredibly useful. Communication is used for many purposes and is worth improving.

The Art Of Being Right

People often have an opinion before a discussion even starts. They prioritize winning the discussion rather than considering your perspective. This book by Schopenhauer explains how to win discussions and showcases tricks that other people use. Certain discussions are not worth engaging in.

How To Win Friends and Influence People

This book is frequently mentioned for good reason. It provides practical advice, techniques, examples, and tips for effective communication.

Skills to work on

Communication is very broad, including presenting, body language, active listening, speaking techniques, knowing the audience, and more.


  • Stay confident, and learn how to active sentences to drive your message forward.
  • Avoid using difficult terms to make the message clearer. Although using certain terms can be part of a personal style.
  • Try to have stories to tell. These stories can be short, but they should be relatable and keep others engaged.
  • Look at what good communicators do.
  • Fears can hold you back. Do not let them take over. Making YouTube videos can be a great way to test your skills on an audience. You learn the most from doing.
  • Communication can always be improved. Even voice training and singing could help. Decide how far you are willing to go and remember how useful this skill can be.


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