Life does not care about disorders

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Many intellectuals and great minds spent much time alone. People may call them schizoids. Many experts in personality disorders argue that they are rare personalities rather than disorders. These can change in the course of your life. Autism and disorders are spectrums. It is relative, and can not always be an excuse to put all your blame on. It often seems to be encouraged to do just that. For personal development it is often good to blame yourself, but not without accepting that you can not change the past. You can self-improve, and leave the regret behind.

Spending time alone does not have to make you schizoid. Many successful people did just that. Einstein, Jung, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, etc. It is not like they never saw people, but much of their time was spent alone.

Using disorders as an excuse

While there are disorders which have a big impact, life won't care about that. Life has a hierarchy, and does not care about being fair. Using disorders as an excuse won't help you.

In fact, do not make up any excuses. Trust in your fate, and do not wait for the right moment. You can likely already do tasks right now to get where you want to be. Do you want to strive for greatness or mediocrity?


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