On equality and stability

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Many people desire equality, but do they undestand this concept? It is widely promoted and taught.

Where it leads

Inequality is natural and beautiful. Each of us has different skills and talents. Believing in equality means believing in an absolute. It is good to treat others with respect, but do not forget to work on yourself and consider what you receive in return.

The problem with equality is where it leads. It promotes laziness and weakness. Participation is rewarded, and people can be paid for doing nothing special. Without risk, life becomes meaningless, boring and unfulfilling.

A different perspective

Hierarchy is inevitable. The more we try to get rid of it, the more similar opinions will appear. The common people are often not aligned with experts in a field.

Inequality is not an excuse to judge others based on gender or race; that does not make much sense. There are great and regular people of each race. I prefer thinking in ideas over thinking in people. It is possible to learn from someone about one idea, while disagreeing with their other ideas.

Some might find it controversial, but Nietzsche made a good point when he wrote about the "Sipo Matador". Society needs both followers and leaders. A hierarchy is not a bad thing. Most people still believe in utilitarianism and prefer stability over taking risks.

We are not only born to die. Our lives have meaning before we reach the end. Suffering is necessary for us to experience true joy. Someone's death is not something to fear, but rather a moment to appreciate who that person was. Let us be happy for our journey! Let us look beyond average people and take risks! It is not worth to wait until some moment comes.


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