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I see voting as negligible, and wouldn't do it if it wasn't mandatory. The democratic process boils down to whoever can advertise the most and persuade the largest group of like-minded people to win. Politics doesn't significantly impact my life, and I doubt I can influence it in any meaningful way. There are better uses of my time.

I like Nietzsche's philosophy, and he too did dislike systemizers. Politics is exactly that — categorizing people into boxes.

Political assumptions

Expressing political views can be problematic. People tend to assume you agree with all the standpoints of a particular party, while it is more about perspectivism. You don't have to agree with every opinion of a party, just as you probably don't completely agree with anyone else. It can lead to a separation of your audience.

Which party?

I don't align with any party and dislike systemic thinking. My opinions can change from year to year. I resonate with Nietzsche's view on politics: the people matter more than the ruling system, which is always hierarchical. Sometimes it may not seem so, but it is. The Nietzsche podcast has an episode "Nietzsche Sipo Matador" on this topic.

Counters to apoliticism

You can't avoid politics

True, but investing your time elsewhere can be more beneficial.

Not having to care is privilege

Sure, politics can have life-changing effects for some people. But that doesn't change that the system is flawed. There is no great replacement either. There is no utopia. The people who should care often lack the means to understand what the parties truly stand for.

An uninformed opinion is worth nothing

I am not completely uninformed, and I have my preferences. It just isn't worth my time. The system is flawed.

Are you ok with chaos then?

Actually, yes. I like some chaos. It is rather hard to explain without delving deeper. Chaos can develop exceptional individuals and societal progress. While no one likes war, Nietzsche and others have noted its benefits. It is a controversial opinion, but it does make sense.


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