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A new format

Last week, I posted my plan to reduce online time and wanted to introduce a new format. Ideas often work better in stories. The new format is stories.

First post

I wrote a short. It is a character idea I had in mind for a while. I may merge shorts into a larger story. Shorts may change over time. Maybe my site may become more like a book. Stories have what posts lack — feeling.

Isolated (story)


I did engage in escapism, playing Pathologic 2. Not a typical game; dialogue-heavy and challenging.

The only games which attract me feel unique. Games like Deadly Premonition and Pathologic. They tell stories, and bring up questions. Games and movies are experiences, but you must make sure that you experience real things too.

Pathologic 2 did gave me story ideas, but I have not written them down. I think they have potential.

Embracing childishness

I got a strange thought. Maybe I enjoy being somewhat childish. It is not even due to reading Nietzsche. I like being "odd". It has that creative energy and appeal.

Being like a child at play, but yet pursuing the right things. Childish behaviour can appeal, but we need to remember to push boundaries too. I dislike not doing anything "useful".


I was deeply into the music group LMFAO, despite not drinking alcohol. Their comedic brand is well-crafted, and I like their personalities.

The music was a big part of my life. Much of it is probably nostalgia. I do not always like what the music promotes. Aside from that, you do not know how they are behind the scenes. The breakup of that band didn't look great to a fan.

I am well-aware that Redfoo or 8ky are still making music, but not frequently. Talk about a reunion happened, but that was a long time ago. I embedded some old drawings of mine in this post.

Party Rock Anthem drawing

Childish Foo

Redfoo's playful, yet his creativity stands out. It's alright to be "ridiculous". Sky didn't always align with that, and wanted to do something more serious. A mix of both seems great to me. Sky didn't really like the song "I am Sexy and I Know It" either, he does not have any lines in it.

I worked on a fangame for them once, and have had a brief two minute conversation with Redfoo on an extinct app about that game. I lost all of that game due to complex life decisions. I know I am a nobody to them, but Redfoo was enthusiastic about the fangame. Content of that game surprisingly reached him twice.

Redfoo game

Choosing college over focusing more into the fan project felt like the wrong call at the time. I wanted to contribute to that movement. College and work feel like time drains to me. It does not feel like what I am meant to do. Although you have time after work.

I would still do fangames if the idea is unique enough. Although it has to be original. Besides that I do not want it to promote escapism. Rather it may promote to go out there in the real world, and self-discover yourself.

Literally I Can't

Well, I feel like I have to bring this up. Some people think it killed Redfoo's career, but I don't think so.

It emerged during a time when feminism was pushing the seriousness of sexual harassment. Both the lyrics and video do not make them look good. Perhaps the intention was to criticize those who don't participate or spoil the fun for others. It was meant as satire, but unfortunately, it didn't come across that way.

The video probably had a significant impact. Rebuilding a reputation can be tough, but I don't see it as impossible. Plus, there's far worse content out there. Redfoo's "One Nighter" and Sky Blu's "HMDT" are examples. It is just music. I am not a fan of "HMDT" for sure. They have a just-do-it mindset, which I like. They do not give a fuck. I do not think they mean everything they say. 8ky drawing


Sometimes, you try to leave the past behind, but even after years fading memories persist. I lost a long relationship tied to LMFAO. We both underwent significant change and moved on. I've grown from it. Yet, despite the missteps and changes, there was potential. Relationships can hinder progress, and I felt this one did. I didn't prioritize my personal growth enough during that time. I got into a bad state which I will never reach again. I am thankful for those events. They taught me a lot.


I recognize that what I experienced was nostalgia, and it took me a day to let that feeling settle. Nowadays, it is incredibly rare for me to play their music.

My current music taste is diverse. If I should replace LMFAO with something, it might be ¡MAYDAY!. They're a bit more serious. Interestingly, Redfoo collaborated with Tech N9ne and Figgkidd on a song, but I was already aware of "Strange Music" before discovering that connection.

Embracing yourself without altering your appearance is valuable. LMFAO's specific brand was neat, but I'm not sure if I prefer that over not having one at all. It depends on what you want to achieve. For them it fits, because it shows their character.

¡MAYDAY! - Better Place


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